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DIY Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder  Ingredients and Recipe:

These are the ingredients we got from a herbal book!!!

1 part turmeric -works as whitening agent and antibacterial 1/2 part cinnamon or clove powder. Go low if using clove powder as it will be strong. Antibacterial and taste

1 pinch baking soda -whitening agent

Salt usually 1/4 part as per taste – gives some scrubbing action and saliva to keep brushing ( just use the fine powder not the crystals as enamel will get scrapped)

Powder these leaves if you have access to them – Add dried guava leaves – anti inflammatory good for gums Add neem leaves if available Add mint leaves.

Add whatever you have available as what you like- holy basil, black pepper, Asphetoida, Babul,ginger powder,Ajwain marjoram,mustard oil, eucalyptus oil, some sort of charcoal ( like babul wood charcol), lemon powder/ Juice… Fennel(Saunf) powder – coconut oil occasional baking soda n charcoal – Inner peel of banana for whitening – Tulsi n pepper mint leaves as mouth refreshers.


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