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Alternative Milk and Yogurts


Almond milk 15 to 20 organic almond ( soaked) 4 organic medjool dates 3/4 or 1 cup water Strain it using nut milk bag or muslin cloth and add 1 or 2 drops of pure vanilla extract. Can add Rose water, Saffron and little honey

Left over Almond pulp can be used  in any gravy or fry u can mix in the juice.. u can mix in dosa batter as well



Vegan Curd making is just like making custard. U can use thickener as Rice/ Rice floor/ Sabu dana….. Vegan curd  tastes good with Lemon. Plant based yogurts – initially u won’t like… u need to make like buttermilk/raita/ Avial or top it with fruits like sweet yogurts… once ur taste buds are used to.. then u il start liking them…

Those of you who are having a hard time making plant yogurt coz of blending process. Pls check out this new recipe released by sharan.

You can just blend peanuts and use rice flour as thickener. Try this once you won’t be disappointed.

soak 1 cup (rice cooker cup) cashews in the morning, add 1/4th cup saggu biyyam to it 2 hours before you begin the process. Grind the cashews and saggu biyyam with one can full cream coconut milk + half can water to a smoot paste. Boil the cashew milk until we reach desired thickness. I leave it like that overnight without adding any yogurt starter. If you want the first few times you can add a spoon of regular yogurt as starter when it is warm. It tastes very close to regular yogurt after the fermentation process. I like using saggu biyyam as the thickening agent as it gives non creamy texture like our Indian curd.

to make fermented plant yogurts at home this is the method I am using and got great results. I use hariska Gudi’s method that I shared earlier.

One baking cup whole almond Two cups brown rice 20 minutes of our time puts smiles on few mom n baby cows 📷 📷 faces

And 1 week worth of yogurt!

The next will be to wait until cools to warm .. then put whey and chilli crowns … put it in a warm place ( like oven) .. remove after 10-12 hours I crank up the oven to 200 and turn it off .. then put the culture added mixture in it to ferment.

Experiment little bit to know how many hours and temps …

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