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Healthy Living Tips I

Contribution of Ananthkumar Rajagopalachari on Diabetes Channel on Whatspp.

1. Quinoa is high protein food

2. Almonds are really good for health

For those living in North America: We are living in a closed environment most of the time (office, home or even shopping, lifestyle changes- we do online shopping). What that means to us? 1. No direct sun light - shot of vitamin D, even we consume enough calcium rich foods 2. Vitamin b12 is another one to monitor irrespective of non vegetarian or not 3.physical activities minimum required per day And so on ...

4. How many of us aware of millets are polished ( bran layer is removed, which means grain's fibre, mineral and fatty acids are lost, end up carbohydrate rich endosperm what we get )

5. At the time of green revolution and later, the policymakers chose to wheat and rice for their benefits. Processing wheat and rice is much easier than processing millets

6. The main objective is, how to free ourselves from diabetic condition, which also main reason for blood pressure, kidney failure etc

7. Note : guava raw and cilantro, gooseberry are good source of Vitamin c

8. Keep banana out of the equation, the banana what you're buying in US is not same as India (traditional one)

9. When you eat chappathi, note you are consuming gluten. Gluten in the wheat is the culprit. After 1950 part of GMO research gluten introduce in wheat for commercialization of food ( make breads / roti / parathas soft)

10. If you are not under weight (other word not below your BMI level) you can do water fasting to bring your sugar level

11. Those who want to eat chappathi try organic wheat grass seeds, little expensive. Grow the wheatgrass from this seeds, and make a juice. Wheatgrass is good for diabetic and kidney function, antioxidants

Let us talk about detoxification treatment for our body. How to make detoxification chooran? Take the following 1 gram of Himalayan salt 2 grams of fennel seed 3 grams of oregano (Ajwain) 4 grams of pippali (Thippili) 6 grams of dried ginger 12 grams of haritaki (kadukkkai) Kadukkai = Haritaki=karakkaya

Mix Power of all consume 3 grams in the morning and 3 grams in the evening Drink it with water Or Add it with food Or Drink it with butter milk Take this for 3 months Clean your complete digestive system

Stop eating wheat, Maida and rava (byproducts of wheat). Most of it from GMO with gluten, which increase your sugar level. Read Dr. William Davis's (Cardiologist) book wheat Belly, talks about consumption of modern wheat distorts health at so many levels.

If you want to

  • Reduce your weight,

  • Relief from joint pains,

  • Acid reflux,

  • Reduce triglycerides,

  • Shoot HDL upward,

  • Reduce small LDL particles,

  • And diabetic,

  • Avoid all products made from high yield, semi dwarf wheat

Eliminate: All wheat based products(All breads, all breakfast cereals, noodles, pasta, bagels, muffins, pancakes, waffles, donuts, pretzels, crackers) Oat products (oatmeal, oat bran), corn and cornstarch based products (sauces or gravies thicked with cornstarch, prepared/ processed food containing cornstarch, Cornmeal products like chips, tacos, tortillas) Surgery soft drinks, Candies.

Avoid processed foods containing Wheat, Soy sauce, Twizzlers, Campbell tomato soup,Salad dressing, taco seasoning (examine all the labels and avoid any food with mention of wheat).

Enjoy unlimited:

  • Vegetables (except potatoes)

  • Raw nuts and seeds (raw almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamians,

  • Dry roasted Indian native (non GMO) peanuts,

  • pumpkin, sunflower, seseme and chia seeds,

  • Healthy oils (preferably unheated, wherever possible) olive,

  • Flaxseed, coconut, flax seed, walnuts, seseme.

  • Real clustered cheese only (not Velveeta or single slice processed cheese)

  • Avocado or home made guacamole, hummus,

  • Unsweetened condiments example: mayonnaise, mustard oil based salad dressings,

  • Ketchup without high fructose corn syrup ,

  • Pesto, olives


  • Fruit no more than two servings a day (one serving is a level handful), preferably in this order

  • Berries of all the varieties, citrus, apple, nectarines, peaches, melons, minimize bananas, pineapples, mangos, and grapes and only in the small quantities (since they are like candy in usher content), avoid fruit juice and try to eat with fiber

Dairy products No more than one servings per day, cottage cheese or curd unsweetened (fat content doesn't matter) Legumes/ beans: peas, sweet potatoes and yams


  • Gluten free made with rice flour, cornstarch, tapioca starch, or potato starch

  • Fried foods,

  • Fast foods,

  • Hydrogenated "transfers,

  • High fructose corn syrups containing foods, honey, agave syrup, sucrose

  • Pretzels, white breads, break fast cereals, potato chips

  • Fat free, low fat salad dressings

If you are an egg eater then, consider free range, grass fed and/ or organic source

Increase your vegetables, good fat nuts (first choice soaked almonds), coconut and avocado, in your intake, it controls your hunger and stabilize your sugar level

1. Eat only when you are hungry 2. Eat less carob, moderate protein and good fat food (keep your hunger away) 3. Learn fasting 4. Keep doctors away if possible 5. Do enough activities, like walking at least an hour , yoga (sun salutations, brain yoga) pranayama, & meditation 6. Keep your stress level below 7. Sleep between 9 pm and 5 am ( let the organs clear it themselves) 8. Stay in sunlight for vitamin D 9. Make sure you have enough b12

May I know, how many of you checking your b12 level every year? Do you know low b12 can worsen nerve damage and degradation of the spinal cord Kefir (is a fermented milk product of [cow, goat, or sheep] ) contains high level of b12

A1 beta casein, cows originated from Europe breeds like Holstein, Friesian, Ayrshire and British shoehorn. A2 beta casein, cows originated from channel islands, southern France breeds like Guernsey, charolais (Jersey and limousin a1& a2) and pure India breeds are a2 Beta casomorphin-7 (BCM-7) is the reason why A1 milk is less healthy than A2.

Unhulled sesame seeds are little more bitter taste but in calcium (iron, protein and magnesium ), since it contain phytates and oxalayes, soak it overnight (Like almonds), for better teste add a dates to sweeten it. It"s good, If you are getting older or going through menopause

Almonds milk, Coconut milk and Sesame milk are good for health, My personal preference to eat them as it's is (to gain the fiber content)

Note: Your body observe the calcium only with vitamin D3, which you it from sunlight. So, stay in the sunlight for 20 minutes every day (as much as possible)

Organic, naturally grown pumpkin is good for diabetic patients. With it seeds: Good source of Vitamin a, c and k. Also contains protein, folic acid, magnesium.

General guide for diabetic neuropathy:

  • Consume herbs

  • Fenugreek

  • Bitter Mellon

  • Flaxseed

  • Indian gooseberry

  • Garlic

  • Basil

  • Ginseng

  • Guggulu gum resin

Cholesterol leading drugs, statins, and gluten things cause peripheral neuropathy problem. Cholesterol is good, but the inflammation is the problem. Pressure in your lower spinal decompression. Your nerves need energy, due to diabetic you are not in the position to supply good energy. You have to control your sugar and increase your good fat food. You have to get vitamin D which improve your calcium level strengthens your bone, white blood cells, then red blood cells etc

Eat high fiber foods, frosh organic vegetables and some fruits, nuts, avocado and coconut Drink enough fluids Do gentle exercises waking or stretching Getting enough sleep and manage stress Consume flax seed (soaked in water), berries, almonds Alkaline foods - lemon juice (With skin), apple cider vinegar, green smoothies Completely avoid junk, refined food Limit Food naturally high in oxalic acid Check creatinine levels should be below 1.1 mg/dL and uria level See if the patient can eat food without added salt

Indian diabetes Risk scores 1. If one of your parents have diabetes 2. Age 3. About your physical activities, exercise < 30 minutes a day Waist circumference measurement ( for men over 90 cms, and for women above 80 cms) Please do Google search for, The Indian diabetes Risk score (IDRS), Highest cost effective way to test for diabetes

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