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Healthy Living - FAQ - Part 1

Contribution from Ananthkumar Rajagopalachari

Q. How to change our gears to be more alkaline from acidic body

A. Consume Lemons, Avacados, Broccoli Cabbage etc...

Q.Can you have the Detox formula with regular food and still it's considered detox?

A. Yes, you can continue with regular food. Please make sure you will complete your dinner before 7 pm. Around 8:40 Drink detox drink, do meditation for 15/ 20 minutes then go to bed around 9 pm Have good night sleep for at least 7 hrs.

Q. Can we take it with or without empty stomach?

A. Drink this before 20 minutes you go to bed. Most of the cleaning process happening in the night

Q. How to cook Okra non-sticky


1. Wash the okra, leave it in the plate for two/ three hrs. 2. Cut the okra and put it in a bigger plate, spread well 3. Use cast iron skillet, use cold press coconut oil (or cold press peanut oil) for thaduka, complete thaduka and add black pepper, turmeric add okra make sure oil spread in all okra, don't close the pan, if think it's almost over then few minutes before take it down sprinkle Himalayan salt, turn it couple of times. Switch off the stove and you're done.

Q. How much oil do you use for cooking okra in an iron skillet. Is it not sticking hardly to the pan

A. After washing the iron skillet, you have to heat the skillet over medium heat then apply small quantity of oil every time. I will add small quantity of oil initially, closer to the end add bit more. I love more fatty food to keep myself thin. Note: more carbohydrate food you gain more weight, more good fat make you slim. Apply 80:20 rule, fat: carb

Q. Is Buck Wheat Good?

A. No, if you consume it will raise you blood sugar level, feel free to test it. Almond flour, coconut, flax seed will not spike your sugar level Past 40 - 50 years we have been told to cut the fat, totally wrong message. You have read the stories about Krishna and what he consumed, good fat butter, curd, butter milk.

Q. Can I please know wats wrong with gf breads made with tapioca?

A. High in starch, rise your sugar level, high insulin follow. Insulin blocks mobilization of fat and encourages fat deposition. So they make you grow fat, especially the inflammatory visceral of fat variety, so they are junk carbs. They make you FAT. If you're diabetes, every time blood sugar ranges about 100 mg/dl your glucose modified protein (glycate) irreversibly. If you glycate the protein results cataract in your eyes, arthritis, age spots in skins and heart attack. Higher the blood sugar, the greater the glycation.

Q. Peanuts - how much is safe to per day?

A. 1 or 2 tablespoons per day, you have to count your carb consumption per day not exceeding 70 grams per day

Q. Any Thoughts on A2 Milk?

A. If you get a2 milk and if you make curd and buttermilk that's good for health, but you will not get b12 from it

Q. You want us to drink A2 milk Or u want us to make curd from A2 milk

A. Drinking a2 milk ok but I prefer curd, butter milk, paneer, butter and the great GHEE (over milk) Please watch video in YouTube "A2 Milk", understand lactose intolerant etc Consume A2 milk will help to overcome from leaking gut, but get unpasteurized milk from farms

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