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Dr. Khadar sir suggests drinking adequate quantity of water is essential.  

  • We should drink water only to quench our thirst. It is not necessary that one should compulsorily drink 3 – 4 litres of water every day.

  • Physical exercise and sweating leads to exertion. One should drink water at such times.

  • Some people have the habit of drinking boiled and cooled water or warm water all the time because such water is devoid of harmful microbes. This practice is good when we are sick. But making it a daily habit brings down one’s immunity level.

  • Drinking clean water kept at room temperature helps to improve our immunity.

  • Structured water can be achieved by placing a copper plate in a mud/steel pot for 7 hours or overnight.

  • Use this water for drinking and cooking purposes. Copper plate helps in removing plastic nano particles and other impurities from water.

  • NOTE: Copper plate should be cleaned everyday using tamarind or lemon and salt.

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